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Quarterly Report Last of 2012

The GSACA is up, running, and formally registered with the City of Mountain View as a neighborhood association.  Membership has been growing since our Kick-off Rally in October, and there are now 70 members. We expect that to grow to 200 or more over the next half year.

Quarterly Report First of 2013

We would like to tell everyone what your Greater San Antonio Community Association Board has been doing for the last four months.

Over the past several months, the Greater San Antonio Community Association has been active in a number of ways. Perhaps the main activity has been addressing the challenge presented by the Merlone Geier's Phase II San Antonio Shopping Center proposal.

Currently we have 128 members, 103 of whom live in the Crossings, 16 of whom live in Old Mill and 9 of whom live in Parc Crossings.  We can reasonably expect to grow to greater than 300 members, but we need people, especially in the Parc Crossings and the Old Mill to help.