The Greater San Antonio Community Association (Greater San Antonio) was officially formed at a Kick-off Rally in The Crossings on October 13th, 2012. Greater San Antonio was registered as a neighborhood association with the City of Mountain View in December of 2012. The purposes of the Association are to:

·       Strengthen our community

·       Provide an interface for the community to the City of Mountain View

·       Provide forums for discussion of issues affecting our community’s life and vitality

·       Provide input into issues such as San Antonio Shopping Center development, the old Safeway site, growing traffic problems, neighborhood safety, keeping Milk Pail and other local businesses, schooling for our children, and quality of life

·       Provide local services such as community disaster preparedness through Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Neighborhood Watch teams

The Association has an active CERT team and is working on a Neighborhood Watch team. It has participated in a Wine and Cheese event at The Old Mill and is planning other neighborhood social events in the near future.

The major issue for the Association since its inception has been the development projects in the San Antonio Change Area: the new buildings in the San Antonio Center, including the new Safeway and large apartment towers and other shopping center changes near San Antonio and El Camino. Please see the Planning page for more information on this issue.